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WHMCS Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform v8.5.1 Free


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WHMCS 8.5.1 is the leading web hosting management and billing software that automates all aspects of your business from billing, provisioning, domain reselling, support, and more. WHMCS easily integrates with all the leading control panels, payment processors, domain registrars, and cloud service providers.

WHMCS is the No. 1 billing and management software for cPanel powered web hosts. Give your customers a more seamless user experience between control panel, billing, and support with WHMCS cPanel, plesk integration.

Save time and money with WHMCS.

Optimize and automate your business with the WHMCS billing and automation platform. The easiest way to run a web hosting business.

WHMCS is a flexible, scalable and extensible platform with hundreds of available apps and integrations for all leading service providers and a powerful developer API.

Running a business can be difficult at times, managing it doesn’t have to be. WHMCS is intuitive, built with web hosts in mind. Setup takes days, not months. Get started today.


WHMCS V8.5.1​ Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform Free Download


CORE-17759 – Correct convertto processing for Mollie iDeal
CORE-17760 – Restore Digicert icon lost when upgrading to 8.5.0-release.1
CORE-17762 – Correct styling overlap and offset of My Services homepage panel
CORE-17767 – Correct language key reference for Weebly
CORE-17769 – Update WHOIS server for .org and .ink
CORE-17770 – Prevent error when using 100% discount on registration checkout with Stripe
CORE-17774 – Prevent erroneous SSL addon listings on Manage SSL Certificate page


MODULE-7694 – Prevent fatal error during meta data retrieval from Plesk

Whmcs v8.5.0 Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform Free Download


CORE-16377 – Correct dynamic translation of Support Department Name
CORE-17547 – Correct admin support ticket filtering by “Any”
CORE-17667 – Correct redirection with Friendly URLs after using 2FA in client area
CORE-17689 – Documentation for ClientDelete hook deprecation and preference for PreDeleteClient
CORE-17703 – Correct additional domain fields for .travel TLD
CORE-17706 – Update WHOIS entry for .pro TLD
CORE-17718 – Maintain security question selection on error or reload during user registration
CORE-17726 – Ensure invoices with client group discounts and product addons resulting in zero-dollar invoices are marked paid
CORE-17728 – Update WHOIS entries for various TLDs
CORE-17729 – Add recently visited to System Settings sidebar


MODULE-5903 – Update API used for Mollie iDeal gateway
Also known as: CORE-6141
MODULE-7789 – Update CIRA Agreement Version for eNom
MODULE-7798 – Client Area SSO: cPanel Login default button

Whmcs V8.4.1 Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform Free Download


ADDON-6138 – Remove executed mailchimp queue jobs
CORE-17061 – Correct display format of product addon custom fields
CORE-17090 – Ensure best handling of mixed case of transfer form domain entries
CORE-17100 – Generate product slug when duplicating a product
Also known as: CORE-17119
CORE-17150 – Prevent erroneous “Service Not Found” during domain ownership transfer
CORE-17273 – Correct percentage promo code display format on Admin Area Orders page
CORE-17312 – Prevent error when processing the email verification of a new user
CORE-17317 – Ensure proper form submission for Google Sign-In configuration
CORE-17383 – Correct addon service recurring calculation on non-monthly cycle
CORE-17391 – Correct OAuth redirect proto validation
CORE-17400 – Ensure correct entity is used when retrying in module queue
CORE-17420 – Ensure product bundle configuration step is performed when an addon or custom field is defined
CORE-17437 – Prevent declaration error related to Menu items
Also known as: CORE-17436
CORE-17442 – Process Stripe fees only for known currencies
CORE-17456 – Ensure ticket reply from unknown email can be imported when Insecure Import is enabled
CORE-17467 – Correct link to user on “Pay Method Created” activity log entry
CORE-17474 – Improve robustness of user migration for mixed collation environments
CORE-17475 – Correct user link in admin dashboard activity widget


MODULE-7458 – Prevent erroneous failures from SagePay 3DS duplicate callbacks
MODULE-7717 – Prevent error when provisioning free feature addon
MODULE-7738 – Remove SagePay Tokens v1 from distribution
MODULE-7739 – Implement 3DS v2 support for SagePay Repeats
MODULE-7740 – Introduce SagePay Tokens v2 Module
MODULE-7743 – Correct blank page on 3DS in SagePay
MODULE-7745 – Remove trailing space on fr TLD additional domain field


CORE-17191 – Honor client group pricing for domain orders via AddOrder

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WHMCS Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform v8.5.1 Free
WHMCS Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform v8.5.1 Free


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