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Original price was: $196.65.Current price is: $3.92.

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Elementor Pro : Improve Every Aspect of Your WordPress Design: Live, Easy and Fun. Take Your Design to the Next Level
Goodbye backend! Design all your forms live, right from the Elementor editor. Choose your fields, increase spacing, set columns and layout… Control everything, all without ever leaving the editor.

The new Visual Design Experience: Element’s strong editor empowers professionals for editing and styling WordPress websites, eliminating all guesswork involved in writing code. You can easily and directly customize everything on your website. Elementor is the editor for designers who want to fine-tune every last detail. Design your entire site from one screen, including your headers, footers and content.

The World’s Leading WordPress Website Builder, Join 5,000,000+ Professionals Who Build Better Sites With Elementor,  Element was created for you. Designers, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Create stunning landing pages, design a blog, optimize your online store – everything is within reach!


  • Customize your header & footer
  • Design every part of your blog
  • Build advanced, dynamic websites visually
  • Get control over your theme without code
  • Premium media widgets
  • Full set of social media widgets
  • Menu widget, search bar and more
  • Comprehensive single post widgets
  • Marketing & conversion widgets
  • Build high converting forms on the frontend
  • Design your form like never before
  • Integrate to your favorite marketing tools
  • Advanced form fields
  • Spam filter and protection
  • Advanced post filtering
  • Beautiful portfolio and card skins
  • Works on any custom post type
  • Endless grid layout & style options
  • Customize your single product & product archive pages
  • 18 Dynamic WooCommerce widgets
  • Add Products & Categories to your pages
  • Design unique sales pages
  •  90+ Widgets
  •  300+ Pro Templates
  •  Theme Builder
  •  WooCommerce Builder
  •  Popup Builder


Download Elementor Pro v3.21.2 – WordPress Page Builder Free
v3.21.2 – 2024-04-30

* Fix: Special characters are not displayed correctly when using the Excerpt widget in Loop template ([#25860](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/25860))

Download Elementor Pro v3.20.1 – WordPress Page Builder Free
v3.20.1 – 2024-03-20

* Fix: Strengthened code integrity in deprecated Woo Single Element widget
* Fix: PHP error notice appears when using Loop Grid with the Taxonomy Filter widgets

Download Elementor Pro v3.8.1 – WordPress Page Builder Free
v3.8.1 – 2022-11-06

* Fix: Sticky inner section is not staying in the column when applying sticky option in Sections ([#20203](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/20203))
* Fix: Post Title widget located in a loop item template disappears when enabling the hide title option inside page settings ([#20207](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/20207), [#20255](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/20255))
* Fix: ACF Dynamic data not rendering correctly in various scenarios ([#20235](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/20235), [#20258](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/20258), [#20277](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/20277))
* Fix: Z-index issues when applying sticky to Container ([#20227](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/20227))

Download Elementor Pro v3.8.0 – WordPress Page Builder Free
v3.8.0 – 2022-10-30

* New: Introducing Loop Builder as a beta status experiment – Create powerful & repeating loop templates and populate each one with dynamic content and design flexibility ([#4440](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/4440))
* Tweak: Add `wp_body_open()` to header in Header template ([#11562](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/11562), [#15828](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15828), [#13089](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/13089))
* Tweak: Added support border-radius option to the Code Highlight widget ([#14316](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/14316))
* Tweak: Import/Export CLI and UI mechanisms were merged into a unified service
* Tweak: User with no permission to Notes cannot be mentioned in a note
* Tweak: User with no permission to view a post cannot be mentioned in a note
* Tweak: Notes was added to the right click context-menu
* Tweak: Notes panel can be resizable
* Tweak: Notes panel can be dragged outside of the canvas in responsive mode in the editor
* Tweak: Updated form validation messages translation strings in Form widget
* Tweak: Updated translators comments
* Tweak: Theme Builder logo and Title should be clickable
* Tweak: Reduced API requests and DB calls on non-write setup
* Tweak: Added media queries to the Table of Contents widget
* Fix: Sticky option is not working as expected in various scenarios in Container ([#18357](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/18357), [#19540](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/19540), [#19618](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/19618), [#19777](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/19777), [#19827](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/19827))
* Fix: Mixed Content errors on HTTPS in Video Playlist Widget ([#18895](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/18895), [#18945](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/18945))
* Fix: Note’s timestamp is being updated according to the last activity in Notes ([#19123](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/19123))
* Fix: Accessibility attribute `role=navigation` is redundant in Nav Menu widget ([#17582](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/17582))
* Fix: Accessibility attribute `role=navigation` is redundant in pagination in Posts widget
* Fix: Share buttons is accessible with keyboard but not clickable
* Fix: Sub-items icons style is missing in preview with Inline Font Icons experiment in Nav Menu widget
* Fix: Quotes are appearing as HTML when editing a note in Notes
* Fix: Label’s Icon height increases when Inline Font Icons experiment is active in Hotspot Widget
* Fix: Sub conditions of templates are not overridden when importing a Kit
* Fix: X/Y Anchor Point controls were not visible for Scale and Rotate effects
* Fix: PHP warning notice appears in some situations when using motion effects

Download Elementor Pro v3.7.5 – WordPress Page Builder Free
= v3.7.5 – 2022-08-31=
* Fix: Error message appears on front if WooCommerce is activated ([#19553] (https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/19553))

Download Elementor Pro v3.7.2 – WordPress Page Builder Free
= v3.7.2 Pro – 2022-06-15 =

* Tweak: Applied optimized file handling in various modules
* Fix: Related posts query options are missing in Posts widget ((#18633)[https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/18633], (#18641)[https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/18641])
* Fix: Menu Cart Icon is not being displayed on all browsers when Inline Font Icons Experiment is active ((#17705)[https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/17705])
* Fix: Gallery widget is not working as expected in Container element ((#18408)[https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/18408])
* Fix: Flip box is not visible when the direction is set to Row in Container element ((#18413)[https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/18413])
* Fix: Portfolio widget is not visible when dragged into “Row” direction Container element ((#17653)[https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/17653])
* Fix: Menu cart is open automatically in Cart widget ((#18629)[https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/18629])
* Fix: PHP error is being shown the license is expired in License screen

Download Elementor Pro Nulled v3.7.1 – WordPress Page Builder Free
Free Changelog = 3.6.6 – 2022-06-08 =

* Tweak: Added “Skip & Deactivate” button in plugin deactivation survey
* Tweak: Removed data sharing checkbox in onboarding flow
* Tweak: Added a promotion to Notes feature in the Editor panel
* Fix: Critical error appeared in external apps when no page is selected as homepage in WordPress Reading Settings
* Fix: Font Awesome 5 migration process is not optimal in Elementor tools screen

Download Elementor Pro v3.7.1 – WordPress Page Builder Free
= v3.7.1 Pro – 2022-05-16 =

* Fix: Notes icon appears as an empty square in admin top bar for users with permissions lower than Editor
* Fix: Notes experiment causes a PHP fatal error on some cases
* Fix: UI glitches in Notes feature

Download Elementor Pro v3.6.5 – WordPress Page Builder Free
= v3.6.5 – 2022-04-12 

* Fix: Compatibility issues for several widgets in iOS 14 and macOS 13 devices ([#18090](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/18090), [#15910](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/15910))
* Fix: Button Alignment doesn’t work in Custom Add To Cart widget ([#17810](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/17810))
* Fix: PHP warning is thrown in some cases in PayPal button widget
* Fix: PHP 8.1 throws errors and notices in some cases
* Fix: PHP notice was thrown when Kit Import process initiated without display conditions
* Fix: Create Account button always opens on the Sign Up screen even if the user has an account in Onboarding process

Elementor Pro v3.6.4 – WordPress Page Builder Free Download
v3.6.2 Free – 2022-04-04 logs

* Tweak: Added plugins support to the CLI Kit import process
* Tweak: Updated strings for several screens in Onboarding wizard
* Tweak: Added structure preset to include both row and column directions in Container element
* Fix: Alignment control doesn’t affect additional custom breakpoints in Icon List widget ([#16291](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/16291))
* Fix: Carousel widgets do not being displayed correctly when placed in a Container element ([#18298](https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/16291))
* Fix: Import flow fails when trying to import unregistered taxonomies
* Fix: Compatibility issues for several widgets in iOS 14 and macOS 13 devices
* Fix: Inner Container element gets duplicated when dragging it from the handle
* Fix: Trying to D&D widgets into a Container will make the dragged element position in an incorrect location when using column direction
* Fix: When copying and pasting a Container, it’s being pasted in a Section
* Fix: When converting a section with `z-index` the value is active but can’t be edited using the interface

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Elementor Pro v3.21.2 Latest Version Download Free
Elementor Pro v3.21.2 Latest Version Download Free

Original price was: $196.65.Current price is: $3.92.

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